"Iceman" (1984)

If you’re expecting this to be a Top Gun spin-off wherein Val Kilmer reprises his role as Lieutenant Tom “Iceman” Kazansky, you’re gonna be disappointed.

But if you’re in the mood to see a reanimated Neanderthal grunt for an hour, stab principal Strickland from Back to the Future in the stomach, get shot by Danny Glover, and hang for an extended period of time from a flying helicopter, you’re in luck. For this movie has all those things.

"Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band" (1978)

You’ve HEARD about how bad this movie is (honestly, it’s no worse than lots of other 70’s dreck), but you really need to see it to experience how truly bizarre it is. Everything about it has this disco/cocaine veneer, and just knowing we live in a world where corporate trainwrecks like this exist is a never-ending source of joy for me.

And Barry Gibb’s long, soft, feathered mane - it’s glorious! There’s one part where they’re in the studio cutting some vocals, and Barry kinda holds his headphones away from his head so as not to disturb his locks. So, so good.

"Butch Cassady and the Sundance Kid" (1969)

I think I had entirely inaccurate expectations going into this movie, which I knew almost nothing about prior to watching (it was a Netflix impulse watch), therefore making myself to blame for my disappointment.

I was expecting it to be, like, Scarface Goes West or some shit, like this fucking gritty tale of two dudes robbing banks and trains and killing everyone in sight, and going down in a blaze of glory. And it kind of IS all those things, sort of, but the tone of the movie is more Dumb and Dumber meets Jules and Jim, with maybe a bit of 60’s TV Batman thrown in.